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US Games Economy Tug-O-War Rope

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Divvy up students in gym class and place them on either end of this US Games Economy Tug-O-War Rope to start a friendly tug of war competition. Whether the matchup is composed of teams of three or 10, students will be able to pull their weight and help bring home a win for their team. Players can easily grab hold of the top-grade manila rope and find the right grip to exert the force needed to pull the opposition across the center line. Looped and braided ends for the anchor person.


      • Use in gym classes, rec centers or on playgrounds to promote teamwork and friendly competition
      • Encourages children to work together as a team to pull the opposing team to the ground
      • Top-grade manila rope stands up to intense pulling movements and strong grips by players
      • Braided and looped ends for the anchor person
      • Available in different lengths to accommodate a varying number of players at a time
      • Activity: Tug-O-War
      • Brand: US Games
      • Color: Tan
      • Color Family: Brown
      • Material: Manila, Rope
      • Product Width: 1 in.
      • Quantity: 1



  • 1" diameter, top grade manila rope
  • 72" loop and braided at each end