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Recess Package

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When it's time for students to get out and play, you can provide the kids with the tools and equipment needed to have fun and stay active with this Recess Package. Whether recess is taking place in the gym on a rainy day or outdoors on the playground, this set of equipment lets you organize a variety of activities to keep children energized and ready to tackle the remainder of the school day. From basketball to soccer to wiffle ball, this recess package encourages competition, cooperative team play and sportsmanship among school-aged children.


      • Poly bat, six plastic baseballs and a set of bases allow children to engage in a game of sandlot ball
      • Two foam footballs, two foam soccer balls and a foam basketball encourage safe play among younger students
      • Two Voit® official rubber basketballs, two Voit® junior rubber basketballs, two Voit® size 4 rubber soccer balls and a Fun Gripper football accommodate different skill levels
      • Six cones, six flying discs, two Voit® Enduro playground balls, 10 segmented jump ropes and four hi-bounce spongy balls inspire kids to create new activities and games
      • Mesh ball bag and hand inflator make maintenance and storage simple
      • Activity: Casual
      • Brand: Voit®
      • Color: Multicolor
      • Color Family: Multi
      • Material: Foam, Plastic, Rubber
      • Quantity: 1



Package Includes:

  • 6 cones (6")
  • 1 set of throwdown bases
  • 1 poly bat (29 1/2")
  • 6 plastic baseballs
  • 6 flying discs
  • 2 Poof foam footballs
  • 2 Poof foam soccerballs
  • 1 Poof foam basketball
  • 4 rubber basketballs (2 each official, junior)
  • 2 size 4 rubber soccerballs
  • 2 Enduro playground balls (8 1/2")
  • 1 Fun Gripper football (8 1/2")
  • 10 segmented jump ropes (4 each 7', 8' and 2 each 16')
  • 4 hi-bounce spongy balls
  • 1 hand inflator
  • 1 mesh ball bag