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Monster Drag Mat

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Keep the baseball or softball diamond looking neat and ready to play with this Monster 6 ft. x 4 ft. Drag Mat. When hosting an all-day tournament, it's essential that the field is in top condition for the next game. Groom the infield, batter's box or pitcher's mound by dragging the mat through the dirt until the surface is smooth, even and ready for game time. The welded eye bolts attach to a chain that hooks to powered outdoor equipment for fast and easy pre-game and post-game field maintenance, as well as quick tending between innings.


      • 0.5 in. x 0.06 in. mesh construction effectively combs through the dirt on the field
      • Drags and grooms the dirt to a smooth and even playing surface
      • Can be used on the base line, the batter's box, the home plate area or the pitcher's mound
      • Durable 6-gauge welded connection rods on each end help prevent the mat from separating
      • Angled iron front with welded eye bolts can be attached to a chain and pulled by hand or attached to outdoor power equipment for rapid maintenance
      • Color: Silver
      • Color Family: Gray
      • Material: Mesh
      • Product Length: 4 ft.
      • Product Weight: 94 lb.
      • Product Width: 6 ft.
      • Quantity: 1


Deluxe mat construction utilizes 1/2" x .062 mesh with 6 gauge connecting rods, each welded on end. Mat cannot separate on ends. These mats will last for years! Includes angle iron front with welded eye bolts for you to attach your chain. Size 6' x 4'.