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Jungle Gym Metal Wall Mounts

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Lifeline Metal Mounts are high quality anchor points for attaching various Lifeline items into wall studs or ceilings. Made with high-grade steel construction for durability with a smooth powder coat finish to limit wear and tear on the attached products. Simply attach the Metal Mounts to studs in walls or ceilings for a secure anchor point


Buy multiple packs for the Metal Mounts to create various anchor points around your home, Gym, Clinic, Studio and use with all types of Lifeline products. These Metal Mounts can be used to attach your Lifeline body weight training systems – Jungle Gym, Jungle Gym XT or Jungle Gym V3- or any of our resistance items- cables, bands, etc.

  • For the Lifeline body weight suspension systems- take full advantage of the Jungle Gym XTs adjustable positioning and flexible design.

  • For the Lifeline resistance items anchor at various heights to change the angle of resistance to move between upper body, core, and lower body exercises. Anchor them high for downward movements, low for upward movements, or center them for presses and rows!

SIZE: 5” HIGH x 2.5” WIDE