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Home Plate Mat

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Baseball and softball players can hone their swings, work on their timing and give their cold zones a boost with this ProMounds DiamondTurf Lined Home Plate Batting Mat. Whether sluggers are taking cuts indoors or in the outdoor cages, the foam backing allows players to grip the mat with their cleats or training shoes when they drive fastballs to the gap or push curveballs to the opposite field. The white batter's box lines allow hitters to work on their footwork while anticipating the pitch, so they can be more successful at the plate.


      • Thick 5mm foam backing helps stabilize athletes' feet while they take their cuts and stands up to repeated use
      • Helps baseball and softball players practice their timing, hone their swings and work on their stances
      • Spike-resistant design allows players to practice with the footwear they'll use in games
      • Non-slip textured backing enables the mat to be used indoors and outdoors
      • Includes a throw-down home plate, so coaches can rotate the batting mat to lengthen its life
      • Brand: ProMounds
      • Material: Foam
      • Quantity: 1



    • For indoor/outdoor cages and on-the-field BP
    • Will hold up to moderate spike-cleat traffic.
    • Features a thick foam backing with inlaid white turf lines
    • Comes with a heavy-duty throwdown home plate