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Foam Rollers

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After an intense workout, students and athletes can stretch out and loosen their muscles with these Foam Rollers. Designed to help improve flexibility and postural alignment, the roller is employed in gyms and training studios to reduce muscle tightness and soreness and maximize workout benefits. When used in conjunction with resistance training, the sturdy foam roller can minimize the buildup of tension, enhance range of motion and enable young athletes to reach their fitness goals safely.


      • Great for post-workout stretching, so your clients can perform self-myofascial release and improve workout results
      • Used in training environments to enhance balance, flexibility and alignment
      • Rounded foam provides back support to massage muscles and reduce tension and tightness
      • Assorted firmness levels offer varying levels of support
      • Available in various shapes, sizes and corresponding colors
      • Activity: Training
      • Material: Foam



    • Available in 3 firmness levels, medium-firm White PE foam, firm Blue EVA foam, extra-firm Black Molded foam
    • Helps develop balance, postural alignment and flexibility
    • Ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy