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Markers Inc Enduro Fencing Outfield Packages

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50' L Fence w/ 6 Poles - Blue
50'L Fence w/6 Poles - Dark Green
50'L Fence w/6 Poles -Red
150'L Fence with 16 Poles - Blue
150' Fence with 16 Poles - Dark Green
150'L Fence with 16 Poles - Red
      This Enduro fencing package enables you to construct a portable outfield quickly and efficiently. Slide the poles through the vinyl pockets and drive the poles into the turf with a rubber mallet. That's all that is needed. The vinyl pockets are spaced every 10' allowing for uniformity and stability. A steel pilot hole tool is included to assist when you're working with hard ground.


Packages include:

    • Enduro fence w/pole pockets
    • Two (2) white Enduo anchor poles (MKREP1)
    • Heavy-duty Enduro flex poles (MKWEP1)
    • Steel pilot hole tool